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El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services company have a large stock of high standard and specialty flexible expansion joints. 

Complete Flexible Joints Details:

Flexible and expansion joints are used in piping systems for several reasons. They can be used to not only absorb vibrations and shock, but also to relieve anchor tension, minimize noise, and adjust for misalignment.

They are often available in two different materials to meet a wide range of uses.

Metal Flexible\expansion joints are commonly employed in applications where thermal expansion is a concern. When the pipe’s temperature rises, the metal expansion joint compresses to compensate for the movement, relieving tension from the anchors and the pipe. Metal expansion joints are an excellent illustration of how to deal with expanding hot pipes.

Rubber – Rubber absorbs vibration and shock waves exceedingly well and can be utilized for thermal expansion.

As a result, this form of joints is ideal for decreasing noise and vibration transmission from other equipment in order to protect equipment such as pumps. They also serve as shock absorbers, reducing stress caused by water hammer, pressure surges, and earthquake disturbances.

In order to suit all requirements, El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services company has a large inventory of flexible expansion joints in a variety of designs and uses.

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