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El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services Company provides services in the supply of production lines and the establishment of factories to assist in the development of Egyptian industry and meet the specific needs of factories, by providing a wide stock of Pipe fittings.

Pipe fittings are used in plumbing systems to connect several pipes of the same or various sizes, to regulate or monitor flow. They are made of various materials such as copper, iron, brass, Stainless steel and PVC.

Complete Pipe Fittings Details:

Thousands of speciality fittings are produced. Each type of pipe or tube necessitates its own fitting, yet most pipe fittings share some characteristics.

Pipe fittings are made from various materials such as:

  • Stainless Steel Fittings 
  • Cooper Fittings 
  • PVC Fittings 

Pipe Fittings Types based on their functions:

  • Elbows: These pipe fittings are used to change the flow direction between two pipes.
  • Tee type Pipe Fitting: Tee type fittings are T-shaped plumbing system components. It has one inlet and two outlets, with the outlets placed at 90० to the main line connection (inlet)
  • The cross-type: cross fittings have four openings in four directions.
  • Adapters: Adapters are linked to pipes to either expand the length of the pipes or if the pipes do not have the proper ends. These pipe fittings make the pipe ends either male or female threaded, depending on the need.
  • Union: is a sort of fitting that works similarly to coupling. However, the coupling cannot be removed after it has been fixed; however, in this case, the union can be removed when necessary. Unions are made up of a nut, male and female terminated threads. As a result, this is also important for keeping the pipe’s purpose.

At  El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services Company, we provide a wide range of pipe fittings, especially Stainless steel pipe fittings. We also provide a large set of forged fittings. We have a complete stock of 3000-6000-9000 Lbs. stainless steel forged fittings to match your specific demands, ranging from threaded elbows and couplings to socket weld inserts. We can also guide you if you are seeking a hard-to-find or custom-fitting item.

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