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El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services Company provides services in the supply of construction Materials and the establishment of factories to assist in the development of Egyptian industry and meet the specific needs of factories, by providing a wide stock of Valves.

A valve is a mechanical device that regulates fluid flow and pressure inside a system or process. So, in short, it controls flow and pressure.

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Valves are simple devices that control, regulate or direct flow inside a system or process.

Valves frequently have a variety of characteristics that assist identify their appropriate application.

Valve types are classified into three categories:

  • Manual Valves
  • Actuated Valves
  • Automatic Valves

Valve designs are one of the simplest ways to sort through the wide variety of valves available and find a perfect match for a project or process.

There are so many types of Valves but the most common ones are:

  • Ball Valve To give simple on-off control, these valves use a ball to control flow.
  • Butterfly Valve:  Because of its wafer-type shape, the butterfly valve is a quick-acting rotary motion valve that is perfect for tight places.
  • Check Valve: Used to prevent backflow.
  • Gate Valve: The most frequent type of valve in every process plant is a gate valve. It is a linear motion valve that controls the flow of fluid. These valves are either fully open or totally closed when in use.
  • Globe Valve: The Globe valve is used to start, stop, and regulate the fluid flow
  • Plug valve: These valves regulate flow by using tapered or circular plugs and a quick-acting quarter-turn valve handle.
  • Needle Valve: Commonly used in small-diameter pipe systems when accurate flow control is needed
  • Pinch Valve: Often used to handle solids materials
  • Pressure Relief Valve: A pressure relief valve, also known as a pressure safety valve, is used to protect equipment or piping systems.

At  El-Majd Industrial and Petroleum Services Company, we provide a wide range of Valves such as Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Needle Valves and many more to meet all of your specifications.

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